Upholstery Cleaning

There are so many things you can do instead of carpet cleaning in O'Fallon. Especially if you've got our carpet cleaning specialists in your home or office, taking care of all your furniture upholstery cleaning and house cleaning needs. From dusting to cleaning leather upholstery, we are your insured O'Fallon MO upholstery cleaning team that takes care of everything so you can get busy with the really important things in life.

Spend a little, Save a lot

Huck's Carpet Cleaning O'Fallon is one of the best known carpet cleaners in O'Fallon MO. Well known for delivering great results and affordable carpet cleaning services, we will bring new life into your home upholstery, carpets, and furniture. That's right; we are a full service operation. We will give your furnishings the care they deserve, the care they need to lengthen their usability. Proper care will effectively extend your investment in home furnishings further than you thought possible. Don't wait until your interiors are dingy, smelly and stained, and possibly beyond help? Call today for a free estimate. Don't forget to ask about fiber protectors & maintenance programs.

Nature's Upholstery Cleaner - Steam

Natural Steam Cleaning is made available to you so you may clean your upholstery in a healthy way. Steam cleaning upholstery is perhaps one of the cleanest ways to get rid of the worst dirt. This type of pressure cleaning is not the same as shampooing, which requires the use of harsh detergents or chemicals. When steam cleaning upholstery, the power of pressurized hot water is harnessed for amazing results - stain removal, sanitizing, even disinfecting and deodorizing - without harming the environment. It can be used effectively on drapery, sofas, love seats, dining chair, arm chairs, recliners and practically any furniture cleaning.